MIRACLE ZBX 4.0.15-1

MIRACLE ZBX 4.0.15-1


  • 「メンテナンス期間」において「期間のタイプ」が「毎月」のとき、月末日を指定できる機能を追加
    • 日付を-1に設定すると、メンテナンス期間を当該月の末日に設定できます。
    • 日付を2から-7までに設定すると、メンテナンス期間を当該月末日の前日から6日前までに設定できます。
  • 本リリースより MIRACLE ZBX Agent の AIX 7.2 向けパッケージを提供開始
  • MIRACLE ZBX のベースとしているソフトウェアを Zabbix 4.0.15 へアップデート
  • 変更内容は以下 Changelog からの引用を参照

New features in 4.0.15:

[ZBXNEXT-5493,ZBX-16540] moved LLD rules from parent templates to linked templates for Module HOST-RESOURCES-MIB SNMPv2, Module Interfaces Windows SNMPv2, Net Arista SNMPv2, OS Windows SNMPv2 (vitaly)
[ZBX-16871] fixed not setting the default values of multiselects on initial load (averza)
[ZBX-16776] reworked custom item select to multiselect (rlataria)
[ZBXNEXT-5532] disabled guest user by default (talbergs)
[ZBXNEXT-4825] implemented in Monitoring -> Problems the button "Export to CSV" to export all pages (talbergs)

Bug fixes in 4.0.15:

[ZBX-16842] added range validation and optional conversion to is_double() (Andris)
[ZBX-16790] fixed log rotation on Windows (akozlovs)
[ZBX-16865] fixed dynamic graphs not updating when changing host in combo box (talbergs)
[ZBX-9146] fixed json null value being treated as empty string for LLD filters (atumilovics)
[ZBX-16828] fixed array_db validation when validated value is not an array (miks)
[ZBX-11659] made user profile icon visible for guest user (miks)
[ZBX-16849] moved INTERFACE_TYPE_PRIORITY definition to misc.c (mabele)
[ZBX-16844] fixed the process of saving the scroll position on the Latest data page in Internet Explorer (vasilijs)
[ZBX-16343] fixed LLD not to create items on wrong host if there are failed transactions (vso)
[ZBX-16730] fixed disappearance of successful modification message while saving the Dashboards (talbergs, vasilijs)
[ZBX-16679] fixed username and password fields resetting and saving for item, item prototype and LLD rule on type change (Ivo)
[ZBX-16785] improved performance of timer process when reading from "problem_tag" table (vso)
[ZBX-16696] fixed multiselect suggest box clipping when overflowing not allowed in parent containers (averza)
[ZBX-16809] fixed undefined offset error in action operation condition form (miks)
[ZBX-16595] optimized active logs checks monitoring when buffer flushing fails (arimdjonoks)
[ZBX-16682] fixed wrong element label update in map constructor (rlataria)
[ZBX-16815] fixed widget form positioing when changing widget type from Graph to any other type (averza)
[ZBX-16706] fixed unneeded padding for dashboard URL widget (averza)
[ZBX-16784] fixed Oracle performance by using "between" operator in SQL queries (averza)
[ZBX-16579] fixed long text wrapping in the latest data history (averza)
[ZBX-16767] fixed possible null pointer arithmetic; thanks to Mikhail Grigorev for the patch (asestakovs)
[ZBX-16500] fixed SLA calculation when requested time window starts during the service time; fixed downtime time calculation (miks)
[ZBX-16805] fixed when the HttpTest API selects too many entries from the httpstep table when editing a specific Web scenario (vasilijs)
[ZBX-10618] fixed disappearing dependent trigger cells and rows in overview (vasilijs)
[ZBX-16596] added handling of BOM to detect encoding for vfs.file.contents, vfs.file.regex and vfs.file.regmatch (arimdjonoks)
[ZBX-16771] fixed wrong Tab number being remembered when several browser tabs are in use (talbergs)
[ZBX-16548] fixed sort order in plain text screen (talbergs)
[ZBX-16955] fixed performance of history syncers and timer processes by not locking each other when suppressing events (vso)