MIRACLE ZBX 4.0.10-1

MIRACLE ZBX 4.0.10-1


  • Windows 版の Zabbix エージェントを使用した WEB 監視において https 監視を有効化
  • IPC サービスにてメモリリークが発生する問題をバックポートし修正 (ZBX-16270)
  • 本バージョンより、パッケージアップデートの際に /usr/share/zabbix/include/classes/core/Z.php は上書きされません
  • MIRACLE ZBX のベースとしているソフトウェアを Zabbix 4.0.10 へアップデート
  • 変更内容は以下 Changelog からの引用を参照

New features in 4.0.10:

[ZBXNEXT-2880] added access to vmware datastore at vmware vCenter level (MVekslers)
[ZBXNEXT-5163] added display of maintenance information in Configuration section for hosts in maitenance (vasilijs)
[ZBXNEXT-5036] added preloader for popup menus (ashubin)
[ZBXNEXT-287] added SSL support for agent HTTP checks (asestakovs)
[ZBXNEXT-5179] added option to specify absolute path in LoadModule; thanks to Glebs Ivanovskis for the patch (asestakovs)

Bug fixes in 4.0.10:

[ZBX-16152] fixed not data loss on saving host prototypes by user with insufficient permissions (averza)
[ZBX-15952] fixed errors when trying to create a graph widget for key system.cpu.util[,iowait] with Y axis placed on the left side of the graph (vasilijs)
[ZBX-15899] added output sanitization to prevent invalid UTF-8 sequences in regexp-based text replacement (Andris)
[ZBX-16073] fixed horizontal scrolling in map (vasilijs)
[ZBX-15943] fixed discovered hosts are not removed from table "dhosts" after removing and adding the corresponding discovery check (akozlovs)
[ZBX-15875] fixed colors for the multiselect disabled elements (ashubin)
[ZBX-10948] 'IT Services --> Service Time --> Note' infinite stretching (rlataria)
[ZBX-16142] fixed missing sys/ioctl.h from src/libs/zbxsysinfo/openbsd/net.c; thanks to Andrea Biscuola for the patch (akozlovs)
[ZBX-16166] fixed Zabbix fping feature detection does not work with fping builds since 10 Feb 2017 (akozlovs)
[ZBX-16178] fixed distributive can contain untracked backup file include/config.h.in~ (akozlovs)
[ZBX-16170] fixed crash in global event correlation (vso)
[ZBX-16096] fixed "system.cpu.util" reporting incorrect CPU utilisation due to guest time sometimes not being fully included in user time by "/proc/stat" (vso)
[ZBX-15882] fixed widgets flickering on refresh (ashubin)
[ZBX-15974] improved trigger expression list in trigger modal form (gcalenko)
[ZBX-14441] fixed windows agent "eventlog" key for reading big event log files of windows 2003 (MVekslers)
[ZBX-16109] fixed hidden error in graphs for PHP 7.3.5 (rlataria)
[ZBX-16093] fixed regular expression File systems for discovery does not contain apfs (akozlovs)
[ZBX-16080] fixed setup page to not to use bclib (talbergs)
[ZBX-15797] fixed dashboard map widget sub-map link behaviour (miks, talbergs)
[ZBX-15049] fixed to host group limited global scripts to be usable in sub group (talbergs)
[ZBX-16138] fixed return value type and added preprocessing steps for items in remote internal checks tamplates; fixed unsigned write cache value for remote internal checks (viktors)
[ZBX-15963] fixed HTTP agent support of non-HTTP scheme in URL field (asestakovs)
[ZBX-16151] fixed theoretical possibility of large numbers in json data being truncated, added boolean value support to json parser (wiper)
[ZBX-15778] fixed wrong filtering by "Age less than" and "Show suppressed problems" in trigger overview (vasilijs)
[ZBX-15585] fixed web scenarios pair manager issue when fields are duplicating on post type toggle (talbergs)
[ZBX-16150] fixed inactive, unmounted, unaccessible VMware datastore causes unknown column nan insertion in field list (akozlovs)
[ZBX-16122] fixed api validation of trigger dependency (averza)