• 「監視データ」->「障害」ページの Show hisotry チェックボックスを Show history causing problem に変更し、「障害発生時のヒストリを表示」と翻訳
  • 本リリースより Amazon Linux 2 向けパッケージの提供を開始
  • MIRACLE ZBX のベースとしているソフトウェアを Zabbix 4.0.3 へアップデート
  • 変更内容は以下 Changelog からの引用を参照

New features in 4.0.3:

[ZBXNEXT-4792] added column "Latest values" in Monitoring->Problems and Dashboard (ashubin, gcalenko, vasilijs)
[ZBX-15202] implemented widget pausing methods in dashboard; made graph widget paused when using selection box or opening a tooltip (miks)

Bug fixes in 4.0.3:

[ZBX-15333] fixed zoomout on doubleclick in graph widget (vmurzins)
[ZBX-15236] fixed display parent host groups without hosts in multiselect (talbergs)
[ZBX-15206] fixed deprecated net-snmp attribute (MVekslers)
[ZBX-15067] fixed configuration sync of interfaces without hosts (kalimulin)
[ZBX-15238] fixed updating nextcheck time in discovery rules to avoid overlaps between discovery executions (asitals)
[ZBX-13673] fixed regexp validation when pattern contain slash character (gcalenko)
[ZBX-14528] fixed incorrect keycode handling in multiselect input fields (miks)
[ZBX-15124] fixed trigger overview behavior when show "any" (vasilijs)
[ZBX-14648] fixed performance with deletion of item in template linked to many hosts (Sasha)
[ZBX-9011] added new LLD macros for vmware HV low-level discovery (MVekslers)
[ZBX-15105] fixed colorpicker tooltip update (talbergs)
[ZBX-14928] fixed "check now" being executed for active items and templates (talbergs)
[ZBX-15153] fixed custom interval validation; fixed parsing of custom intervals when user macros context contains forward slash (Ivo, miks)
[ZBX-15069] fixed community default value in edit scenario (talbergs)
[ZBX-9038] fixed memory of performance counters consumed during vmware update (MVekslers)
[ZBX-8383] updated Tomcat template for compatibility with recent Tomcat versions (kalimulin)
[ZBX-15078] fixed API authentication for ldap users having gui access disabled (gcalenko)
[ZBX-14880] fixed misleading ldap authentication error messages (gcalenko)
[ZBX-14877] fixed style of disabled action on high contrast theme (Andzs, ashubin)
[ZBX-14606] removed strict-transport-security header from frontend (miks)
[ZBX-15020] fixed negative time selector offset when selecting time range in graph (miks)
[ZBX-14977] fixed creation of unneeded database record if host prototype inventory mode is disabled; fixed validation for host and host prototype inventory mode (miks)
[ZBX-15146] fixed SQL error occurred when too long IP address is attempted to be written in database (miks)
[ZBX-15148] fixed web scenario item selection in SVG graph widget (miks)
[ZBX-15107] fixed error handling in logrt[] items if regular expression for file name is not valid (Andris)
[ZBX-14800] fixed resolving of functional macros in graph widget name (Ivo)
[ZBX-15200] fixed host, trigger and item count calculation; fixed required performance calculation (vso)
[ZBX-15158] fixed graph name for cache usage in proxy and server templates (kalimulin)
[ZBX-15178] fixed wrong behaviour when referencing unexisting capture groups in item regexp preprocessing, general pcre code improvements (Andris, kalimulin)