2.0.6-1 において弊社パッチ追加によって、イベント画面に複数のアクション実行結果が表示されるようになっていたためこれを修正。

New features:
[ZBX-6708] reduced configuration locking when calculating item queue (wiper)
[ZBX-6683] removed string pool semaphore; increased configuration cache update performance (Sasha)
[ZBX-6603] improved CTrigger lastEvents parameter performance (Toms)
[ZBX-6603] improved performance for dbConditionInt() function (Toms)
[ZBX-6407] improved data retrieval performance for CTrigger get() with post SQL filtering (Toms)
[ZBX-6493] improved performance when working with Oracle by changing memory based prefetch to rows based (dimir)
[ZBX-1357] updated Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (China), Latvian, Polish, Slovak, Spanish and Turkish translations; thanks to Zabbix translators (Richlv)

Bug fixes:

[ZBX-6819] fixed memory leak in snmp trapper regular expression processing (wiper)
[ZBX-6464] fixed item display in popup for simple graphs and plain text items (Ivo)
[ZBX-6652] added item validation in bar reports page (Ivo)
[ZBX-6730] fixed zabbix_agentd -t duplicate printing of parameters (igors)
[ZBX-6801] fixed processing of host availability data received from proxy (wiper)
[ZBX-6637] added -m64 compilation flag for Solaris to be able to understand all attributes of 64-bit processes (igors)
[ZBX-6761] fixed dbConditionInt() performance (Eduard)
[ZBX-6681] fixed bug when one time maintenance period was ignored if it started before maintenance active time (wiper)
[ZBX-6630] faster proxy configuration synchronization (Andris)
[ZBX-6655] fixed possible agent crash when processing system.sw.packages[] (igors)
[ZBX-6725] fixed undefined indexes in item list view when trigger has items from different hosts (Toms)
[ZBX-6700] improved PostgreSQL upgrade patch (dotneft, Oleg)
[ZBX-6682] added value mapping in map labels (Oleg)
[ZBX-6673] fixed errors after parent graph deleting (Oleg)
[ZBX-6610] fixed invalid next check values of IPMI items (dimir)
[ZBX-6674] fixed items description in the default data set (Oleg)
[ZBX-6644] fixed sorting by history and trends fields in itemprototype.get API (Ivo)
[ZBX-6598] fixed deleting of big amount of escalations by escalation process (Sasha)
[ZBX-6605] fixed bind() error when SourceIP is used (Andris)
[ZBX-6472] fixed dbConditionString() function for large inputs, when splitting into several IN parts wasn't surrounded by parenthesis (Toms)
[ZBX-6609] fixed trigger event processing to not add unneeded recovery event escalations to the database (dimir)
[ZBX-6576] fixed heavy cpu usage when collecting cpu stats on Solaris (aleksej, Andris)
[ZBX-6558] fixed profile types in availability reports (Oleg)
[ZBX-6561] fixed undefined indexes and errors in configuration of network maps (Oleg)
[ZBX-4636] fixed broken UFT-8 characters in log item on Windows agent when encoding parameter is not set (aleksej)
[ZBX-6584] fixed possible logrt crash on windows platform when logfile was moved during processing (wiper)
[ZBX-1129] fixed graph time period in bar reports (Oleg)
[ZBX-6490] fixed web test 1.8->2.0 upgrade script ignoring nodes (wiper)
[ZBX-6526] fixed possible data uploading issues duing server startup or network problems (wiper)
[ZBX-6285] fixed message output from Zabbix sender (Andris)
[ZBX-6484] fixed bar report calculation (Oleg)
[ZBX-1236] added right side y axis support in bar reports (Oleg)
[ZBX-6498] fixed date format in update query for maintenance daily period (Oleg)