[2016/12/13 追記]
このバージョンには、最新データからグラフを表示するとグラフ画面で PHP エラーが表示される問題が存在します。
本問題はバージョン 3.0.4-1 にて修正していますが、下記ファイルの内容を変更していただくことで 3.0.3-1 でも問題を回避することができます。

ファイル: /usr/share/zabbix/include/classes/screens/CScreenHistory.php 325行目
$csvLink = (new CLink(_('CSV'), $this->getGraphUrl($itemIds).'&csv=1'))
下記のように $itemIds を $this->itemids (全て小文字)に変更する。
$csvLink = (new CLink(_('CSV'), $this->getGraphUrl($this->itemids).'&csv=1'))
  • systemd に起因する問題により各サービスが正常に停止できない場合があった問題を修正

      MIRACLE ZBX 3.0.1 以前の 3.0 系を ML7, CentOS7, RHEL7 などでご利用の場合、

      今回の修正により systemd のバージョンが 219-3 以上であることを要求するようになりました。
      systemd を使用していない ML6, CentOS6, RHEL6 などではこの問題は発生しません。

  • Amazon Linux 64ビット版 において、サーバ、プロキシ のサポートを追加
  • 特定の URL への HTTP リクエストにより、 SQL インジェクションができてしまう問題を 3.0.4 よりバックポートし修正 (ZBX-11023)
  • MIRACLE ZBX のベースとしているソフトウェアを Zabbix 3.0.3 へアップデート
  • 変更内容は以下 Changelog からの引用を参照

New features in 3.0.3:

[ZBX-10672] added script name and command into a script execution form (Cemeris, Pavel, Sasha)
[ZBX-1357] enabled Chinese (China) translation to be displayed by default (zalex_ua)
[ZBX-1357] updated Chinese (China), English (United States), French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Ukrainian translations; thanks to Zabbix translators (zalex_ua)

Bug fixes in 3.0.3:

[ZBX-9839] fixed Windows compilation error and time zone related issues (gleb, viktors)
[ZBX-10752] fixed array formatting in exported JSON (Cemeris, Sasha)
[ZBX-10755] fixed deletion of the items which used in graph Y axis min/max parameters (Sasha)
[ZBX-10690] fixed possible buffer overruns in discovery macro substitution and other macro context issues (asaveljevs)
[ZBX-10640] fixed unexpected reset of group and host filter (Gunars)
[ZBX-10598] removed redundant closing PHP tags in configuration example file and when generating PHP files (Ivo)
[ZBX-10741] enforced bash usage in mysql.size user parameter configuration script to avoid issues with different default shells; thanks to Timo Lindfors for reporting it (wiper)
[ZBX-10722] fixed color picker wrapping (Pavel)
[ZBX-10692] fixed crash when resolving {TRIGGER.NAME} of the trigger with expression containing unknown user macro (gleb)
[ZBX-10607] fixed validation of JSON import source data in configuration.import method (Cemeris, Sasha)
[ZBX-10727] fixed timeout being too low when sending configuration data to active proxy (asaveljevs)
[ZBX-10614] fixed crash during configuration update when context is added to a macro without context (gleb)
[ZBX-6563] fixed potential incorrect data from icmppingsec item with low latency hosts (viktors)
[ZBX-10600] fixed proxy sorting in "Monitored by proxy" dropdown in host edit form (Ivo)
[ZBX-10587] fixed inventory mode not being inherited for host prototypes when linking template to a template/host (Ivo)
[ZBX-10681] fixed loss of trailing whitespace in unquoted function parameters when creating calculated items with low level discovery (wiper)
[ZBX-8924] improved performance of alert.get method (Sasha)
[ZBX-10686] updated success and error messages for triggers, items and graphs 'Copy' operations (Cemeris)
[ZBX-10693] fixed API configuration.import method for importing template and/or host with trigger prototype dependency (Cemeris)
[ZBXNEXT-1263] added finishing touches to encryption support (Andris, asaveljevs, gleb, Oleg, Sandis)
[ZBX-10540] fixed encoding reset when Zabbix process auto-reconnects MySQL database (gleb)
[ZBX-10670] fixed disabling of script confirmation in Administration -> Script -> Edit form (Cemeris)
[ZBX-10670] fixed display of form fields for different types of script in Administration -> Script -> Edit form (Cemeris)
[ZBX-9968] fixed monitoring discovery and monitoring map data refresh (Gunars)
[ZBX-10548] fixed agent compilation on Solaris without zone support (e.g. Solaris 9), added awareness of running on a newer Solaris with zones (Andris)
[ZBX-10639] changed incorrect labels in item filters and host filters (Cemeris)
[ZBX-10668] added hint for action operation steps on how to proceed infinitely (Cemeris)
[ZBX-10674] prohibited 'band' operator for counting float values (gleb)
[ZBX-10658] fixed count() evaluation for numeric values with operator and empty pattern (gleb)
[ZBX-10551] fixed possible crash when constants are extracted from invalid trigger expression containing '{' without matching '}' (gleb)
[ZBX-10646] fixed adding trigger prototype dependencies when cloning a host or template (Ivo)
[ZBX-10511] fixed pagination throwing an error after performing enable or disable via link on an object (Ivo)
[ZBX-10312] changed sum(), str(), regexp(), iregexp() trigger functions to return 0 if there are no data in the requested range (wiper)

New features in 3.0.2:

[ZBXNEXT-3210] replaced user macro cache with expanded trigger expression caching (wiper)
[ZBX-1357] updated Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Czech, English (United States), French, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese translations; thanks to Zabbix translators (zalex_ua)
[ZBX-10318] added disabling of [-] or [+] buttons when screen column or row cannot be removed or added (Sasha)

Bug fixes in 3.0.2:

[ZBX-10626] fixed crash in agent's collector process on Solaris 8 (gleb)
[ZBX-10564] fixed trigger acknowledging in slide shows (Cemeris)
[ZBX-10571] fixed network discovery based on agent checks (gleb)
[ZBX-9162] fixed performance of the hostgroup.get method under MySQL (Gunars, Sasha)
[ZBX-10575] fixed history cache memory leak when floating value calculations resulted in out of bounds value (wiper)
[ZBX-10410] fixed possible crashes during history cache synchronisation during shutdown/crash (Sandis, wiper)
[ZBX-10493] fixed memory leak when trying to reconnect to URL (viktors)
[ZBX-10435] fixed position of labels in the action operation form (Pavel, Sasha)
[ZBX-10608] fixed evaluation of action conditions with and/or evaluation type (wiper)
[ZBX-6491] fixed resolving of {ITEM.VALUE} macro in "System status" widget and Monitoring -> Triggers (Gunars)
[ZBX-10563] fixed validation of timeperiods in maintenance create and maintenance update API methods (Cemeris)
[ZBX-10375] defined zbx_uint32_t to avoid conflicting uint32_t definitions (gleb, viktors)
[ZBX-10510] fixed action condition time period checking (viktors)
[ZBX-10155] prohibited creation of a trigger prototype without item prototypes in the expression (Cemeris, Sasha)
[ZBX-6744] fixed "expression tree is too large (maximum depth 1000)" error when using SQLite3 in a large environment (Sasha)
[ZBX-10530] fixed trappers and agent listeners accepting connections without a timeout (asaveljevs)
[ZBX-10570] fixed incorrect select input height in FF (Pavel)
[ZBX-10413] improved XML import validation (Oleg, Sasha)
[ZBX-4148] separated third-party library CFLAGS to avoid header file name conflicts (gleb)
[ZBX-9820] fixed overview of items and triggers with same name and multiple hosts (Gunars, Sasha)
[ZBX-10466] fixed event selection by trigger ID (Gunars)
[ZBX-7422] fixed LLD discovery rule list showing 0 instead of blank space in interval column for trapper and SNMP trap items (Ivo)
[ZBX-10316] fixed the regular expression preventing from adding web scenario steps (Ivo)
[ZBX-10497] fixed proxy crash when processing metadata updates of log[] or logrt[] items (Sandis)
[ZBX-10257] changed VMware items to become not supported if no VMware collector processes are started (viktors)
[ZBX-10262] fixed item.update modifying "delta" field for a templated item (Ivo)
[ZBX-10318,ZBX-10517] added validation of vsize and hsize parameters in screen.create() and screen.update() methods (Sasha)
[ZBX-10318,ZBX-10517] fixed validation of screen elements position in screen.create() and screen.update() methods (Sasha)
[ZBX-10318] more secure removing of the screen columns and rows in GUI (Cemeris, Sasha)
[ZBX-10086] restored old behaviour - do not disable core dump if compiled without encryption support (Andris)
[ZBX-10459] fixed compilation error with libxml2 versions before 2.7.0 (wiper)
[ZBX-10372] fixed searching of network interface statistics in Solaris kstat (Andris, wiper)
[ZBX-4842,ZBX-10532] improved auditing of maintenance API operations (Gunars)
[ZBX-10431] fixed net.tcp.listen on Linux when using netlink interface to obtain socket data; thanks to Andrey Melnikov for patch (wiper)
[ZBX-9700] fixed API receiving null and false instead of an array in method parameters (Ivo)
[ZBX-10379] added context for text strings 'Filter' and 'Subject' (zalex_ua)
[ZBX-10360] improved description for 'fuzzytime' trigger function in expression helper (zalex_ua)
[ZBX-9659] changed setup condition for checking always_populate_raw_post_data (Cemeris)
[ZBX-10485] fixed database upgrade crash on attempt to substitute old-style comparison operators in empty trigger expressions (gleb, Sasha)
[ZBX-10422] fixed layout of the history tables (Sasha)
[ZBX-10386] fixed slideshow refresh rate (Ivo)
[ZBX-10369] fixed unexpected deleting of screen items in screen.update API method (Gunars)
[ZBX-10342] fixed item value not being cached by value cache if its timestamp seconds matches the oldest cached value timestamp, but the nanoseconds value is less (wiper)
[ZBX-10221] fixed MySQL transaction handling when execute query fails (dimir)
[ZBX-4894] fixed fping 3.x source IP option detection (asaveljevs)
[ZBX-10429] fixed expression evaluation when a negated macro or function has a negative value itself (asaveljevs)
[ZBX-10356] fixed user media form "send to" and "period" fields having incorrect "maxlength" property (Ivo)
[ZBX-10320] fixed NFS based VMware datastore statistics (wiper)
[ZBX-10248] moved processing of zabbix[host,,items*] internal items to server if the host is monitored by a proxy (wiper)