• Windows イベントログを『イベントログ本文』、『深刻度』、『ソース』、『イベント ID』の複合条件によってフィルターする機能について、Web 画面表示上の問題を修正機能詳細は以下 URL をご参照ください。
    機能詳細は以下 URL をご参照ください。
  • アクション処理でのメモリリーク修正をバックポート (ZBX-8948)
  • メンテナンス期間中に復旧メッセージが送信されてしまう場合があった問題を修正
  • DB として PostgreSQL を利用し、同一監視項目で同一秒に取得したデータが存在した場合、「最新データ」画面に表示されるデータが最新データにならない場合がある問題を修正
  • MIRACLE ZBX のベースとしているソフトウェアを Zabbix 2.2.7 へアップデート
    変更内容は以下 Changelog からの引用を参照

New features in 2.2.7:

[ZBX-1357] updated Polish and Spanish translations; thanks to Zabbix translators (Richlv)
[ZBXNEXT-2478] added configuration file option to disable SNMP bulk requests (wiper)
[ZBX-8503] increased limitation of command length for remote commands with agent (Sasha)
[ZBX-1357] updated Chinese (Taiwan), Italian and Polish translations; thanks to Zabbix translators (Richlv)

Bug fixes in 2.2.7:

[ZBX-8916] fixed "lastlogsize" not being updated in the configuration cache when values are received from the agent (asaveljevs, Sasha)
[ZBX-8877] fixed filters not hiding/showing for IE11 (Krists)
[ZBX-8885] fixed building of Zabbix daemons with IBM DB2 support on systems with newer gcc compilers (Sasha, wiper)
[ZBX-8072] fixed bug when long messages were not truncated to 2KB when inserting into alerts table on DB2 databases (wiper)
[ZBX-6174] fixed "skipDependent" option in trigger.get API call to correctly handle cases when triggers on which they depend are disabled (Krists)
[ZBX-8887] fixed error messages when saving graph with invalid width and height (Sasha)
[ZBX-5561] fixed configuration failure during cross compilation; thanks to Christof Lauber for the patch (igors)
[ZBX-8860] fixed flexible interval updating with mass update (Krists)
[ZBX-8621] added validation of received SNMP responses and warnings in case SNMP responses are bad (asaveljevs)
[ZBX-8754] fixed crash in escalator when processing an alert without an user, but with a media type set (wiper)
[ZBX-8797] fixed erroneous phantom node ID detection from request parameter when using node-based system converted to nodeless (Krists)
[ZBX-8822] fixed error message being set for vm.memory.size[] items on FreeBSD (asaveljevs)
[ZBX-8693] fixed "Add" button in Configuration->Triggers->Create Trigger->Add for IE11 (arvids)
[ZBX-8815] fixed adding of host groups to the host by discovery action (Sasha)
[ZBX-8727] fixed item multiplier value validation to support scientific notation correctly (Krists)
[ZBX-8514] fixed bug where server would turn a passive proxy into a host if the proxy machine is running an agent that is discovered via network discovery (Juris)
[ZBX-8773] fixed inventory mode resetting when adding template to a host (Ivo)
[ZBX-8798] fixed evaluation of trigger expressions where a suffixed number is followed by a subtraction (asaveljevs)
[ZBX-8719] optimized value cache database requests (wiper)
[ZBX-8659] fixed graphs in screens not respecting "Show legend" setting when in dynamic mode (Krists)
[ZBX-8679] removed outdated and unused images (Richlv)
[ZBX-8700] fixed possible SQL error in details of web scenario (Oleg)
[ZBX-8650] fixed undefined index in user.get method when using 'search' option, removed redundant code in CUserMedia class and corrected user link in user groups page (Ivo)
[ZBX-8701] fixed disabled web scenarios being displayed in the web monitoring widget (Pavels)
[ZBX-3407] fixed NVPS query to not fail on DB2 (Krists)
[ZBX-8646] added a warning on UNIX/GNU/Linux platforms if logrt[] directory has no 'execute' permission (Andris)
[ZBX-8541] fixed queue calculation when hosts with active items return from no data maintenance (asaveljevs)
[ZBX-8414] fixed value cache statistics update when database contains only part of requested data (wiper)
[ZBX-8414] fixed value cache single value request returning FAIL for not found items in low memory mode (wiper)
[ZBX-8616] fixed link to host items in Inventory->Hosts host view (Krists)
[ZBX-8595] fixed incorrect event message when handling eventlog (dimir)